SEPTIC SYSTEM MAINTAINER (septic tank enzyme cleaner / maintainer)

SEPTIC SYSTEM MAINTAINER (septic tank enzyme cleaner / maintainer)

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SEPTIC SYSTEM MAINTAINER is a concentrated biological treatment.  Safe for pipes, safe for the user, effective throughout the entire plumbing system, and will have a positive effect on the environment.

For more than 30 years, we have provided the right solutions for difficult problems to the industrial market.  Now we bring this knowledge and experience to the consumer market.

PROBLEM:  Septic system problems

Quickly treats and maintains residential septic systems
Safe for pipes, safe for the user
Effective throughout the entire plumbing system
Positive effect on the environment

Water from your home flows through pipes into your septic tank.  Once there, the waste separates into two layers.  The top layer is known as the scum layer.  The material that falls to the bottom is the sludge layer.  These two layers are what make it necessary to clean septic tanks.  If the system is not properly maintained, you might develop odors, ground and surface water contamination, and possible clogging of the drain field which would lead to backup.  Don’t let this happen.  Use SEPTIC SYSTEM MAINTAINER to treat your system.

Just drop the dissolvable packet into the toilet and flush.  With this simple process, you have begun to reduce the organics by degrading them with highly concentrated SEPTIC SYSTEM MAINTAINER rather than transferring them to the leach field.  Just one treatment a month reduces transfer of solids and organics in effluent.  Reduces surface scum, bottom solids, odors, pumping requirements, the potential for back-ups, and improves leach field activity.

Start your program now. 
Use just one packet a month per 1000 gallon tank. 
One-year treatment (12 monthly packets) is just $29.50.
Use two packets a month for systems up to 2000 gallons.