.VANISH ODOR REMOVER (cigarette, cigar, marijuana, pipe smoke)

Bottomline Industries

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Now you can make odors caused by smoking marijuana, cigarettes, cigars, and pipes VANISH.  Not mask, not hide, but VANISH!

For over 30 years, we have provided the right solutions for difficult problems to the industrial market.  Now we bring this knowledge and experience to the consumer market.

PROBLEM:  Undesirable Airborne Odors


Eliminates airborne odors: Does not mask or cover odors.


Everyone has been asking for it.  It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s different.  It works!  VANISH ODOR REMOVER’s patented non-aerosol formula counteracts odor molecules in the air, completely eliminating them.  It leaves a temporary pleasant fragrance behind.  VANISH ODOR REMOVER eliminates airborne odors caused by cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and marijuana.  If it can be smoked, VANISH ODOR REMOVER will eliminate the odor.  In addition, VANISH ODOR REMOVER eliminates the unwanted odors in bathrooms, kitchens, automobiles, mobile homes, boats, hotel rooms, offices, and work areas.  Available now in a travel kit containing three full 2 oz. spray bottles for small areas, or as a home-and-travel kit containing a 16 oz spray bottle and three full refillable 2 oz. bottles.